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Essential Oils & Natural Extracts

Teubes offers a comprehensive range of conventional essential oils. Through continuous research and development, Teubes constantly develops improved processes for the isolation of natural components from essential oils. Although it is currently supplying 50 varieties, this number will grow as it partners with new commercial and rural farmers.

The company also produces a number of distilled derivatives, including:

  • From Eucalyptus Dives oil:
    • Phellandrene
    • Piperitone
    • Alpha-thujene
    • Para-cymene
    • Terpinen-4-ol
  • From Eucalyptus Smithii oil:
    • Eucalyptol (99% minimum)
    • Alpha-terpineol

For more information, please request a product brochure from teubes@teubes.com.  

Essential Oils & Natural Extracts are listed on page 6 of the brochure.