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Indigenous & Exotic Oils & Extracts

Wild crafted and exotic oils play an important role in Teubes’ essential oil portfolio, with 18 varieties to choose from. Research and development is conducted on a continuous basis to evaluate the wide range of plants indigenous to Southern Africa. The Western Cape, for example, is known to have the largest number of indigenous plants/herbal species in the world. The properties of these oils are evaluated from both a flavour and fragrance perspective, as well as from an aromatherapy point of view.

The company also has operations situated in various places in Africa which are tasked with extracting floral species in the search for novel flavour and fragrance raw materials, focusing on a range of natural products for perfumery, cosmetics and aromatherapy. It is also evaluates a number of natural waxes from natural oils, to replace those traditionally produced for petrochemicals.

Teubes has produced a number of fine products by, for example:

  • Absorbing vanilla into marula
  • Absorbing rose into marula
  • Co-extraction of rose in sandalwood
  • Co-extraction of neroli in petigrain

For more information, please request a product brochure from teubes@teubes.com.  

Indigenous Oils, Exotic Oils & Special Extracts are listed on page 3 of the brochure.