Defying the Drought with Increased Citrus Production

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By Frances Wright

Citrus oil continues to be a popular commodity within the South African commercial essential oils market. The vast health benefits of these essential oils have become increasingly known. South Africa produces a very large variety of citrus fruits from plantations around the country.

Despite the fear that product supply may decrease this year due to the drought in the Western Cape, South Africa has seemingly managed to maintain its citrus production. Furthermore, in some regions within South Africa, production seems to have increased. However, the drought does mean that there may be a decrease in the production of mandarins. This decrease is supplemented with the increase in percentages of other citrus fruit such as grapefruit (with an estimated increase of around four percent) and oranges (with an estimated increase of around eight). These increases are reportedly due to the expansion of acreage in the producing areas of Limpopo.

The increases in citrus production has reportedly resulted in an uptake of exportation of oranges, (Latin name: Citrus Sinensis) to the middle East. This increase is also due to other factors such as suitable packaging and shipment sizes. This production increase will likely have a positive influence on the rise of the production of orange oil. Orange oil currently has a high demand in the commercial market for its benefits for health and beauty uses, as well as the unique flavours and fragrances attributed to the perfume essence of oranges.

Grapefruit oil is also popular in the commercial market for its beauty benefits. It is also commonly used for aromatherapy. The grapefruit oil is often used for scent therapy with reported benefits of positive results on the lymphatic system.

With the help of the farmers that are supported by Teubes Oils, and despite the industrial fears that the drought would have a negative effect on the production of citrus, South Africa has maintained (and in some cases even increased) its citrus production and exportation.

This allows Teubes to continue servicing the citrus oil market, effectively meeting the growing commercial demand for high quality citrus oils.