Lemon Oil for an Exceptional Clean

Lemon Oil is a wonderfully versatile product with well-known benefits and a wide variety of uses. One of its most popular uses has to do with its strong benefits as a cleaning agent. Lemon as an ingredient has a very long history of being used in cleaning products, and with the amount of advantages it’s no secret why. To help you keep your environment clean, healthy and smelling fresh we’ve created a list of our top reasons why Lemon Oil should be a key ingredient in your cleaning products:


  • It Is a Strong Disinfectant: Lemon Oil has antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. As a result, it helps to disinfect all surfaces making it not only an effective clean, but a healthy one as well.


  • It Strengthens Regular Cleaning Products and Makes Them Last Longer: Lemon Oil is incredibly active as an ingredient. By adding it to your cleaning products it helps to strengthen their effectiveness and thereby also reduces the amount of cleaning products needed for a thorough clean.


  • Its Pleasing Aroma Freshens the Environment and Boosts Energy and Mood: After cleaning with a Lemon Oil infused product, the environment is left smelling lemony fresh. In aromatherapy, Lemon Essential Oil is often used for its soothing, mood enhancing and energising properties.


  • It Is a Natural Bleach: Due to the acidic nature of Lemon Oil, it helps to lift tough stains and functions as a natural bleach which leaves your surfaces shining, clean and fresh.


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