Widely known for its value across the flavours and fragrances and cosmetic sectors, Benzyl Acetate is also commonly used in industrial applications. The clear, oily, colourless liquid holds a powerful, flowery fragrance offering a pleasant, jasmine-like aroma. It is the primary component of essential oils from jasmine, ylang-ylang and tobira flowers and some fruits. Benzyl Acetate’s rich profile also delivers sweet, apple, apricot, and pear flavours.


Where Does Benzyl Acetate Come From?

As the acetate esther of Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Acetate is a natural product. Also known as Benzyl Ethanoate, this organic ester is extracted through the condensation of Benzyl Alcohol and Acetic Acid. It is most commonly found in Vitis Rotundifolia, Tanacetum Parthenium, and various other organisms such as Cannabis Sativa, Daphne Odora, Porophyllum Gracile, and Daphne Papyracea to name a few.


Benzyl Acetate Uses

Benzyl Acetate holds various applications across the flavours and fragrances and industrial sectors and is often used to produce other organic compounds.


Benzyl Acetate in flavours and fragrances:

  • This acetate esther is widely used as a fragrance in personal hygiene products, such as lotions, soaps, and hair creams
  • Benzyl Acetate is a popular flavourant for health care products, improving on the medicinal flavour


Benzyl Acetate in industrial applications:

  • As a strong dilutant, Benzyl Acetate is extensively used as a solvent in polishes, inks, plastics, resin, cellulose acetate, nitrate, oils, and lacquers
  • It is also often used in the textile sector as a dyeing agent


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