About Us

The Clive Teubes Group’s vision is to offer the world various top-grade products at superior quality and the right price, to both local and international markets, promoting job creation and development throughout Africa. The Group exports its products globally to various countries including; the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, India, China and Japan.





Essential Oils warehouse facilities

The company services the essential oils and natural products market from its head office in Johannesburg, South Africa, supported by various factories and several off-site distillation facilities.





A Dedication to Social Upliftment

Essential oils social upliftment

Teubes operates to uplift rural communities, improve their quality of life and elevate job creation across the continent. To support this focus, the company is currently involved in many joint venture and financial support programmes, which empower rural communities to cultivate a range of plants for the distillation of essential oils. The Clive Teubes Group supplies technical support and marketing for the oils from these rural production facilities.

The programmes run at both national and regional level throughout Africa. The Group is also involved in community projects in Madagascar, Zambia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Rwanda.



Essential oil dropper

The Clive Teubes Group supplies a wide, comprehensive range of raw materials. These include:

Please see the Certification page for more information about Teubes’ product accreditation.


Customer Focus

Olives in olive oil bowl

The Clive Teubes Group earnestly fosters long-lasting relationships with both its local and international clients. Operating with an ethos of excellence, the Group passionately delivers to ensure customer satisfaction. Testament to this, many of the clients who supported the Group in the 80s are still loyal customers today.