Why Sassafras Oil Requires Police Clearance: Handle with Care

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Sassafras oil is a powerfuland effective essential oil, extracted from the dried root barks of sassafras abidum through the process of steam distillation. When used properly, Sassafras holds many unique benefits.

Sassafras has long been well known as an ancient remedy. The main chemical components are safrole, asarone, 5-menthoxy-eugenol, coniferaldehyde, camphone and traces of thujone, apiol and eugenol. In the 1983, British Herbal Pharmacopoeia Sassafras was listed as a remedy for rheumatism, high blood pressure, arthritis, menstrual and kidney problems, rashes and other skin conditions, and gout.

However, it must be handled with the correct level of care. When used incorrectly this oil can be harmful. As a result, it has been the center of much debate. Due to this potentially harmful nature Sassafras should only be used by trained professionals who understand the nature and qualities of this oil. For this reason, Sassafras is not available for direct purchase in South Africa without police clearance.

The importation and exportation of Sassafras also has many restrictions. The FDA and other global regulatory institutions have banned the direct purchase of Sassafras without special clearance. In some instances a declaration of intent is also required.

Due to the sensitive nature of this product, the Teubes Group has made it its mission to understand both the benefits and the risks of using and selling this essential oil. As such, the Group has made sure to work within the rules and regulations as set out by the ruling authorities and offers this powerful essential oil to customers who meet the necessary criteria.

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