Uniclick and its value in alleviating Covid-19 symptoms

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused serious global strain on both health and economy. While strides are being made in battling this virus, there is still a long road to walk. In response to this, the Teubes team decided to undertake a rigorous investigation into the development of a house blend that could effectively aid in alleviating the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, and thus Uniclick was born.

To develop Uniclick the Teubes Research & Development team leaned on experiences from doctors active in the field, and the latest and most up to date research. The Uniclick Oil is a unique inhouse blend which comprises various herbs, spices, and oils including Eucalyptus.


The Benefits of the Uniclick House Blend

  • The Uniclick House Blend has strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that help to strengthen the body’s resistance to the Covid-19 virus as well as aid in potentially speeding up recovery time if the virus has been contracted.
  • This unique blend of oils aids in opening the airways, reducing chest constrictions, and allowing for clearer air passage and assistance in respiratory functioning.
  • Uniclick reduces headaches, body aches, and pain by reducing inflammation.
  • The aromatherapeutic qualities in this blend of oils helps to combat fatigue and can be used in the months of recovery from Covid-19 to enhance energy.


Uniclick has been tried and tested and the results are undeniable. This unique House Blend provides for much-needed increased resistance to the virus, relief from symptoms if infected, and assistance in recovery post infection.

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