Keep Those Insects at Bay – The Wonders of Citronella Oil

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Citronella oil has been proven to be effective as a natural insect repellent. The most obvious benefit of this is that it is a completely natural substance, therefore your family (especially children) is not unnecessarily exposed to harmful chemicals. The lemongrass base of Citronella oil helps to give it its signature scent. The essential oil contains high levels of geraniol, citronellol and citronellal. To help navigate the application of this wonder oil, here is an outline of some of the best options available to you:

  • Burn it: Add a little atmosphere, fragrance and warmth to the room while also keeping insects at bay with a candle made from Citronella oil. This is perfect for at meal times or when visiting with friends. For safety reasons this is not recommended while sleeping.


  • Use it as a lotion: Mix the Citronella oil with a carrier oil or into your organic body lotion and apply it directly to your skin. This is great for protecting your little ones from insect bites while they are sleeping.


  • Spray it into the air: Create a room spray by adding the oil to a liquid base or carrier oil. Spray this around the room and onto the furniture. This will have the added benefit of freshening up the room, which doubles as a mood enhancer.


  • Tiki Torch oil: This is a great fit for those summer evening outdoor parties. You are able to keep the insects away while adding a little atmospheric fun to the evening.

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