Lavender Oil – Nature’s Gift from Violet Fields

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Wonderful violet fields of lavender spring to mind when one thinks about this essential oil. Derived from the lavender leaves or plants, usually through steam distillation, this essential oil is yellow in colour and rich in fragrance. As can be expected, the uses and benefits of this oil reach far and wide:

  • To calm your mood: Lavender oil has been proven to have many psychological benefits. In Dorene Petersen’s presentation at the Alliance of International Aromatherapists 2017 Conference, she outlined lavender oil as highly effective in assisting cognitive support and brain health. Within this application, the most common uses are for calming anxiety and enhancing mood. It is also effective in strengthening focus and concentration.


  • As a room freshener: Take advantage of the floral fragrance of lavender oil by creating a room and linen spray with it. This will automatically also aid in the psychological benefits already mentioned.


  • To calm irritation and the itching from an insect bite: Apply some lavender oil directly to the skin to ease the irritation and reduce itching. This is very effective and works within seconds, offering long-lasting relief.


  • To doctor wounds: The anti-bacterial qualities in lavender oil make it great to treat minor cuts and scrapes. The oil disinfects the wound while also reducing swelling and pain.


  • For a good night’s sleep: Lavender oil has a sedative effect. Combined with its stress relieving properties this helps in promoting a good night’s sleep. The Lavender oil can be applied through spraying a little onto your bedding or burning a lavender candle for a few minutes next to your bed before going to sleep.


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