Dihydrojasmone has a sweet, floral scent and fruity flavour. This chemical compound is a colourless liquid which is only slightly soluble in water. It is a popular compound for use within the flavouring and fragrances, and pharmaceutical industries.

The benefits derived from its uses and applications include improving the mood and strengthening the body’s immune system. Both of these benefits are crucial within any product manufactured as we continue to battle the Covid-19 Pandemic.


The Uses and Applications of Dihydrojasmone:

  • Its strong floral scent makes it a favoured product for use in perfumes
  • Dihydrojasmone’s floral scents have been proven to elevate mood, improve memory function, and enhance general wellbeing
  • It is also often used as a fragrance in cleaning products in both industrial and domestic cleaning supplies
  • Dihydrojasmone is an incredibly popular flavouring agent – according to The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA), Dihydrojasmone’s flavour profile is classified as floral, and it is often used in condiments and seasoning
  • This compound is often used as a food additive, and is particularly popular for use in spices, extracts, colorings, and flavours
  • Within the pharmaceutical industry, Dihydrojasmone is used as an adjuvant, acting as an immune system booster in the presence of an antigen


Dihydrojasmone is a chemical compound that adds a sweet and floral flavour and fragrance to a variety of products. Its floral fragrance can boost mental wellbeing, while the adjuvant property present in Dihydrojasmone can strengthen the effectiveness of medication and the body’s immune system.

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