Neroli: Not Just A Pretty Perfume

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However, Neroli Essential Oil has a wide variety of uses that many seem not to know about. These uses have been practiced traditionally throughout history in many regions around the world. This has earned it a place among the legends of essential oils.


Some of its tales include:

  • In Ancient Chinese history, reportedly a version of this Essential Oil was used by Chinese healers. The oil was used exclusively for woman and was considered a very powerful oil. It was applied in the treatment of problems related to menstruation.


  • Legend tells that during the Trojan War the Greek warrior, Achilles, used the sacred herb to treat fallen soldiers on the battlefield. The herb was believed to have healing properties which would disinfect wounds, curtail bleeding and speed up recovery.


  • In Scandinavia the primordial Scandinavians used Neroli as the preferred treatment for rheumatism. The oil was known for easing symptoms and aiding in a wide variety of joint and muscle related problems.


  • Reportedly, in Scotland, the Essential Oil was known to have spiritual (emotional) as well as physical healing properties. It was used to aid in the reduction of symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression and was thus considered an all-healing oil for emotional well-being.


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