Pine Oil: More than just a Wonderful Scent

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Pine Oil is best known for its wonderfully natural scent which induces feelings of relaxation and fosters an atmosphere of calm. Although this is true, and will be elaborated on later, Pine Oil offers many other surprising benefits and uses

  • Pine Oil helps with the respiratory system. Hippocrates reportedly advocated the benefit of Pine Oil as an oil that has strong healing qualities for the respiratory system. 
  • It boosts the immune system. Pine Oil has high levels of phenols (acid plant chemicals) which help to boost the immune system and fight off infections and diseases.
  • Relaxes and unwinds. As discussed earlier, the Pine scent is a pure nature scent and the aromatherapeutic results of breathing in this scent are similar to those of taking a break to be in nature: it calms, soothes and rejuvenates you. 
  • Eases muscle pain and swelling. Adding Pine Oil to a hot bath or using it in conjunction with a massage oil will help to relieve swollen, aching muscles. 
  • Good for hair and skin. Using Pine Oil is a gentle way of treating dehydrated skin and acne. It also helps to reduce dandruff by battling dry scalp problems. 
  • It works well as a cleaner. Pine Oil has disinfectant properties and, as a result, it helps to give a strong clean. Adding pine oil to cleaning products will give them a strengthened potency while making your home smell nature fresh. 

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