Extracted from fresh Rose petals through steam distillation, Rose Essential Oil is most commonly used in perfumery applications. As one can imagine, Rose Essential Oil has a powerful fragrance, containing floral, fresh, spicy, and citrus notes.

Rose Essential Oil is extremely precious and sought after. Due to its intricate production process and superior quality, this is the most expensive Oil on the market.


The Compounds Found in Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil consists of many key therapeutic compounds, such as:

  • Citral, which has strong antimicrobial benefits
  • Carvone, an effective digestive aid
  • Eugenol, which offers the richest antioxidant properties
  • Farnesol, which acts as a natural pesticide
  • Nerol, offering a very nice, sweet smelling antibiotic compound
  • Citronellyl Acetate, which is responsible for the pleasant rose aroma and flavour


Rose Essential Oil; Benefits for Everyday Life

Thankfully, Rose Essential Oil can be used in everyday life, and is often used in flavours and fragrances. When it comes to its cosmetic applications, its benefits include:

  • Rejuvenating skin, offering excellent benefits and anti-aging properties
  • Rose Essential Oil makes a brilliant addition to cosmetics products, enhancing them with its antibacterial properties, effectively ensuring the products nourish and disinfect the skin
  • With strong anti-inflammatory properties, Rose Essential Oil can aid in reducing acne and soothing irritation, while clearing pores and decreasing skin breakouts
  • Rose Essential Oil can be used in many products such as body creams, body scrubs, bath soaps, candles, diffusers, massage oils, and many more


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