Soft Citrus Mandarin Oil for the Whole Family

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Soft Citrus Mandarin Essential Oil is a firm favourite in many households. This may be due to the fact that this Oil is safe for the entire family. Reportedly, it is safe for children and can be used from the second trimester of pregnancy onwards.


Mandarin Oil has been cultivated for over 3 000 years and has traditionally been known as a regal oil which denotes good luck. Its sweet, fruity aroma is pleasant and refreshing and its uses and benefits are equally pleasing.


  • In Aromatherapy: This Essential Oil is renowned for its soothing and rejuvenating properties. Its sweet scent has an uplifting quality while simultaneously aiding in reducing the symptoms of stress and fatigue.


  • For Pregnancy: Safe to use from the second trimester onwards, this Essential Oil helps in relieving cramps associated with increased gastric acid while pregnant. It also aids in better sleep and in reducing the appearance of stretchmarks.


  • For the Stomach: Mandarin Oil has been known to reduce stomach aches in children and adults. It also improves overall digestion.


  • For the Skin: Its fresh, rejuvenating properties translate to its benefits for skincare as well. This Essential Oil helps to reduce excess oil and to clean out congested skin. It also improves blood circulation which aids in renewing the skin.


  • For Health: Soft Citrus Mandarin Oil is packed full of health benefits. It contains high levels of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. It also works effectively as an anti-inflammatory.


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