Strawberry Furanone is an organic compound that is biochemically processed from sugar; it has a sweet, caramel like scent and flavour. It is also described as having hints of a fruity aroma. It is exceptionally popular for use within the flavours and fragrances industries. Strawberry Furanone is white or colourless, it is solid in form, and is soluble in water and in organic solvents.


The Uses for and Applications of Strawberry Furanone

  • Strawberry Furanone is exceptionally versatile as a sweetening agent and as such it is utilised in a very wide range of fragrances
  • It is highly adaptable – its sweet and inviting scent can easily be honed and manipulated by introducing suitable esters, such as fruity esters for the strawberry scent
  • Strawberry Furanone is often used in beauty products and cosmetics to offer a subtle fruity scent to the product, and is often widely used in hair care products
  • Due to its pleasant aroma, Strawberry Furanone is also extremely popular for use within household and industrial cleaning products
  • Strawberry Furanone is exceptionally well-known as a flavouring product, adding a delicious flavour to a wide variety of foods
    • Some of the products it is most commonly used in include but are not limited to; baked goods, chewing gum, alcoholic beverages, oils and fats, frozen dairy products, jellies and puddings, jams, non-alcoholic beverages, seasonings, spices and flavorings, soft candy, and sweet sauces
  • It is also often used as an additive in medications


With its soft, sweet, and beautiful aroma Strawberry Furanone is extremely versatile and beneficial. The best friend to the flavours and fragrances, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical market, it is the perfect ingredient to add to sweeten up a wide range of products.

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