Triacetin for Various Industries

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Naturally, Triacetin is present in fruits such as papaya. It is also found in cod-liver oil, certain types of fats, and butter. Chemically, triglyceride is produced by acetylation of the three hydroxy groups of glycerol. Triacetin is colourless with a fruity aroma. Reportedly it has been used for more than 75 years with a large variety of uses and applications. 

Some Uses of Triacetin Include: 

  • Cosmetically, Triacetin has been used:
    • As a cosmetic biocide, mainly as a fungicide
    • As a solvent in cosmetic formulas 
    • In the perfume and cosmetic industries, due to its soft fruity aroma 
  • Within food industries, Triacetin has been used:
    • As a food additive, used as a flavouring agent and as an adjuvant
    • As a food additive carrier
    • As a food emulsifier
    • As a food humectant
  • Pharmaceutically, Triacetin has been used: 
    • As a pharmaceutical excipient used in manufacturing of capsules and tablets
    • In the topical treatment of minor dermatophyte infections, due to its fungistatic properties 
  • Additionally, Triacetin it has been used: 
    • To assist as a plant metabolite
    • As a fuel additive
    • As a plasticiser 
    • As a binder for combustible material in solid-rocket propellants

With its large variety of uses and applications Triacetin offers definite benefits to many industries. 

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