An Industrial, Quality Clean the Natural Way – with Orange Terpenes

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The Covid-19 pandemic has peaked the world’s interest in ensuring environments are clean and sanitary. Combining this with the environmentally conscious social context, the drive for natural cleaning products & solutions (and the resultant reduction of chemicals) is growing exponentially. As a result, cleaning industries are utilising natural ingredients that offer a superior clean. For this reason, many leaders within these industries have been using Orange Terpenes as their main cleaning product ingredient. 

What are Orange Terpenes? 

Orange Terpenes are produced from the orange peel. The peel is believed to hold the highest concentration of the benefits known to Citrus. As plant-derived hydrocarbons, Orange Terpenes are extracted through a process of pressing and distillation. Orange Terpenes that have been produced through the first distillation run are considered 95% pure and are used in industrial and large-scale cleaning products. Terpenes that have been distilled twice are of a higher purity quality and are often utilised in more refined cleaning products.  

The Cleaning Properties of Orange Terpenes 

  • Due to their high solvency, Orange Terpenes offer a more natural clean, while performing as well as their chemically based counterparts
  • Orange Terpenes deliver an industrial clean, effectively removing grease, resin, oils, and paints (for this level of cleaning, straight Orange Terpenes are best suited) 
  • With the proper application process, high purity Orange Terpene solutions are suitable – these are commonly used for cleaning electronic assemblies and high voltage electrical parts
  • When mixed with a water solution, Orange Terpenes are highly effective in cleaning carpets and other such materials
  • The pleasant, natural orange fragrance adds a refreshing, energising, and rejuvenating scent to cleaning products 
  • These scents are known to boost the mood and clear the mind; thus, when used in working environments, they are believed to increase productivity

Orange Terpenes offer a wide variety of uses and applications as a primary or additional ingredient in many types of cleaning products. 

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