Over almost four decades, the Teubes Group has mastered the art of developing unique Flavour and Fragrance products that meet distinctive global needs.

As a Business-to-Business (B2B) organisation, Teubes supplies superior quality raw materials to manufacturers across the world. These manufacturers include the Flavour and Fragrance (FAF), Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Being 3 Tiers away from the end-customer, Teubes oils enhances raw materials and flavours and fragrances across the globe. The large quality assurance department ensures that all oils supplied are within pharmaceutical spec and of the highest quality.


The Result? There’s a Teubes Oil in Everything One Can Smell or Taste in South Africa

From juice, to perfume, food producers – and everything in between – a Teubes oil is likely the base of the flavour or fragrance. Some examples include:

  • A popular fruit juice box producer removes the natural flavour from its juices, to ensure standardisation – it then adds a flavour produced from Teubes’ raw materials, by the big flavour houses, back into the juices
  • Orange Oil is frequently used for various applications across the food sector; one of South Africa’s largest food companies sources its Orange Oil from Teubes
  • Teubes oils are exported to large fragrance houses in Spain, and used in the production of the finest perfumes – such as Chanel No. 5, which gets its unique fragrance profile from Teubes’ Tagette (Khaki Bos) Oil


Product Variety Leveraging Nature’s Greatest Offerings

With over 2000 shelf units (SKUs) extracted from a huge variety of plants, Teubes has developed a well-rounded, impressive product list. Every plant on earth has medicinal properties, a fragrance or a flavour that can be used.

Different parts of the plant offer different types of oils; Citrus Oil is found in the peel, Avocado Oil is extracted from the pip, Clove Leaf Oil is distilled from the leaf of the plant , and Clove Bud is distilled from the flower. Every Oil is as unique as the plant it comes from – and ensures that the world can enjoy delightful flavours and fragrances with health benefits as an added advantage.


Established in 1983, the Clive Teubes Group has been producing, distributing, and exporting superior quality products to both local and international markets for more than three decades. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, its offerings include Esters, Essential Oils, Natural Extracts, Citrus Oils, Flavours & Fragrances, Indigenous Oils, Exotic Oils, Special Extracts, and Aromatics. For more information, please request a product brochure from deliwe@teubes.com or visit www.teubes.com.