Naartjie Terpenes and Their Uses

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Terpenes are similar to essential oils. They are a class of organic compounds that can be extracted from a wide variety of plants and fruits through a process called molecular distillation.  Naartjie Terpenes are extracted from Naartjie Citrus Essential Oil. By definition, Terpenes are a group of unsaturated hydrocarbons found in essential oils, derived from plants and citrus.

Terpenes hold the same beneficial properties of the essential oils that they are derived from, however in a more condensed form. This means that Terpenes have incredibly strong fragrances and flavours.


Some of the uses and benefits of Naartjie Terpenes include:

  • Pharmaceutical: Naartjie Terpenes have many health benefiting properties, such as being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial. They are rich in Vitamin A and help to balance hormones.


  • Therapeutic: Naartjie Terpenes have anti-depressant effects. They also have sedative and calming qualities. They help to calm stress and anxiety and can assist in reducing sleep difficulties.


  • Beauty: Naartjie Terpenes have a strong but pleasant fragrance which make them the perfect ingredients to add to beauty products such as soaps and body washes, shampoos and conditioners, face creams, hand and body creams, and perfumes. The addition of Naartjie Terpenes will not only enhance the fragrance of the product but also offers deeply nourishing and rejuvenating properties for hair and skin.


Terpenes offer a highly condensed version of the benefits found in the essential oils they are derived from. This makes them a sort of superhero of the essential oil world. They may be less well known than essential oils but, all things considered, that probably makes them the perfect choice for inclusion in a gift over the festive season.

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