The Bright Future of the Grapefruit Market

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By Jason Teubes

Citrus products are well-known for their many benefits and uses. One Citrus that may be a little less well known for use in products, however, is Grapefruit. Yet of late, research has indicated that the general public is catching on to the many wonderous benefits of Grapefruit products, including; reducing stress, rejuvenating energy, stimulating circulation, treating hair and skin, and many applications in the flavours and fragrances market.

Due to the increase in public knowledge of such benefits, as well as a larger cultural move towards organic and green living, the demand for Citrus products is increasing. The market demand for Grapefruit Oil, in particular, increased with 65% in 2018. Some noticeable market trends have been highlighted below:


  • Despite the fear of market and production value decreases due to the recent water shortages, the Grapefruit market has managed to not only survive but to maintain a good quality of fruit production as well.


  • The socio-cultural shift towards green and organic living has added to a new move and greater demand for more varieties in the citrus market, which has resulted in the citrus season becoming longer.


  • Grapefruit production in South Africa had a good year in 2018, with 18.7m cartons, exceeding the forecast by around 2m cartons, and delivering 3m cartons more than those of 2017.


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